SK Engineering & Projects Ltd
SK Engineering & Projects Ltd has more than 20 years experience in construction works for industrial processing production plants like: Desalination, Food, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Oil refinery, Chemical, Gas separation from Atmosphere and Biochemical plants. The company was established in 1994 by Mr Samir Khoury, mechanical engineer BSc, and brought with him 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing industrial projects. The company has a certification for: - ISO 3834 part 2 and ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system. - Approved as a member of IQNET network and is approved by Israel Government for the registered contractor classification: - Level 5(unlimited) in assembly piping lines. - Level 3 in Manufacturing and assembly steel structures. - Level 1 in manufacturing and assembly storage tanks. The company is employing more than 100 employees including engineers involving in engineering department, work technicaious teams, ASME certified high pressure welders and orbital welding machines. The company has manufacturer plant located at Haifa bay.
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Desalination Mekorot Plant in Ashdod
Piping system, equipment erection, mechanical works, SMO, super
High pressure gas piping
Our company is qualified for international ISO-3834 part 1 & 2 welding high
Paz Ashdod Power Station
Our company is Performing the piping system & the mechanical erection of the Paz