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SK Engineering & Projects, Industrial engineering, Pipeline construction
SK E&P Ltd is one of Israel’s leading companies in management and construction of process industry projects. Established in 1994, SK E&P caters to the industrial sector specializing in unique installations, erection and assembly of mechanical systems, prefabrication, process equipment installation, steel structures, and industrial concrete work. SK E&P’s team of employees comprises of engineers, managers and a broad variety of professional and skilled workers with diverse certifications. The company is committed to maintaining the quality of its workforce by providing its employees with internal training as well as specific training in order to meet customers’ strict requirements. Owing to uncompromising adherence to its values, which emphasize devoted customer service, integrity, a multidisciplinary business vision, the company continues to grow steadily as one of Israel’s leaders in its fields

Our values:

  • Professionalism in our work ethic and conduct
  • Ethical and Transparent approach to customers, employees, suppliers and partners
  • Customer Focus and Value: understand customer needs and exceed their expectations
  • Safety: provide a safe work environment to our employees
  • Service Quality: committed to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Human Capital Development: influence employees to strive for the excellence
  • Diversity and Inclusive Approach to people from different backgrounds

SK Engineering & Projects Mission

Our goal is to develop lasting relationships by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. As Employee-Owners, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional service in an honest, hard-working environment. In short, we strive to Building a Higher Standard.

Was established in 1997 and In 2008, SK Energy bought 20% of Sigma Epsilon Power Engineering.

during 7 years, Sigma has become one of the leading and most successful companies in Israel. In 2019, SK Energy sold it’s shares which resulted in an Exit with several times the value of the investment.

SK Energy was a part of management of several largest Companies in Israel. These companies initiated and established power plant projects to generate electricity with equal investment in huge projects at an International level.

Electricity production reached 15% of the country’s consumption.
SK energy is already and will expand it’s investments in the future energy of Israel.

SK Engineering & Projects, Industrial engineering, Pipeline construction

SK Watertech is specialized in design and construction of water treatment and desalination systems.

1 Shvil Hadafna, Bar-Lev Industrial Park  |  Tel: 972-4-8491401  |  Fax: 972-4-8723188  |  info@sk-engpro.com


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